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You found the secret credits!

This page isn't really listed anywhere on the website, so I thought it would be a fun easter egg for anyone poking around the site! As a reward of sorts, if you want to call it that, here are the people who make Northside Theatre's social medias possible.

Zach Herras
Class of 2022
Active years: 2020 - Present

Creator of this website, the Instagram, and the Discord, Zach started all of the social media outlets used by the program today! (As far as 2024, anyways.) From 2020 to 2022, Zach managed all of these things while also being A/V Lead until passing the torch to Tommy and Paige after graduation. (He still co-manages the website in his free time.)

"This program has a special place deep in my heart. I enjoyed every minute of doing these little things just to help put Northside Theatre's name back on the map again after COVID, and I will continue to help along the way for as long as I am able." - Zach Herras, 2023

Tommy Davis
Class of 2024
Active years: 2021 - Present

Tommy is the successor to Zach as manager of all the social medias other than the website. He uses his graphics design flare and knowledge of the algorithm to make every post on the Instagram, Discord, and even visuals on the website a spectacle for all to see, maintaining a strong social media presence. He manages these things while also being the head of construction, the set designer for "Chicago: Teen Edition," "The Perfect Ending," "The WIZ", and is also the president of the troupe for the 2023-2024 season.

Paige Rivera
Class of 2026
Active years: 2022 - Present

With previous experience, a wish to get into marketing, and an easy to work with attitude, Paige began managing the website in the 2022-2023 school year, and continues to do so while having run spotlights for "Sing Down The Moon," run sound for "Chicago: Teen Edition," and also being co-stage manager of the program for "The Perfect Ending."

Last updated April 19th, 2024

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